Starting with Odoo e-Commerce



Selling online is very popular nowadays. Do not miss this opportunity to boost your business! Odoo’s e-Commerce app is unlike anything you have ever seen before. Get an awesome catalog of products and great product description pages. It’s full-featured, integrated with your management system, fully customizable and super easy. 
The eCommerce application allows you to:
  • Improve your online visibility with astonishing Online Shop pages;
  • Facilitate and increase your sales by allowing people to buy in a few clicks.
  • Profit from all the administration tools of Odoo to keep track of online sales (messaging, delivery, invoicing, payment, etc.).


Start with Odoo e-Commerce


Install the App

  • Check if you have the e-commerce package already.

You can check the installed apps by clicking the icon "Apps" on your startscreen

Then you will get a list of the installed apps. You can check an app for its installation status by looking for the word "installed". This should be the case for the Website Builder and the eCommerce module as pictured below:

  • if you don't see it, hit the "Apps" block, and select e-commerce from the apps library. Install it (by clicking it)
  • You now have an active website and webshop available

Activity step 1: webshop & products idea




  • Come up with a webshop business idea. Write out your idea (short)
  • Be aware of the fact that in coming activities you will have to come up with product variations. An example of a product variation is a product page for a Lacoste polo shirt with as variations Blue, Green or Red and sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL
  • You will have to come up with cross-selling ideas. Make sure some products are the crosselling candidates for one of your products. For example, if you sell smartphones, a suitable headset, an extra battery pack, a protection sleeve and a phone carrier subscription are good examples of crosselling opportunities.
  • You will also want to try some upselling. If a customer is looking at a "no brand" Polo, you could promote the Lacoste branded Polo which is more expensive and generate more revenue for your company while the customer is still looking at the no-brand Polo.
  • You could already prepare some photo's and desciptions for your products. Try to find also foto's for the variations