Analyzing your Sales Funnel


How to analyse your sales funnel

As a manager, you need relevant results in order to drive your company. The Reporting section enables you to perform accurate analysis on your business data (Business Intelligence Cube analysis). A specific section is dedicated to each main application, including CRM.

Activity step 4: sales funnel

  • Go to CRM > Reports  to perform the following analysis:


What is happening now on our sales channels?

First, have a look on what are the things happening at this moment in our business.

Go to CRM > Reports > Sales Channels

  • If you have simulated enough activity on your sales channels (classic sales and the webstore), you should already see some interesting reporting here. What is interesting here? 


How active have sales been?

If you have entered enough activities for the 2 employees working in a sales role in your company, you should be able, as a manager, to evaluate how bussy they have been. Can you get a interesting view out of CRM > Reports > Activities


How is the sales funnel?

Reporting on the future can be collected from CRM > Reports > Pipeline

If you have create a number of leads, opportunities, qualified leads, quotations with a due date in the future, you should be able to get reporting on the estimated revenue for those periods.


Experiment with pivottable and pivotgraph view

Get reports (not as pivot graph, but as pivot table) on:

  1. the expected probable turnover to close this month (expected closing = this month).
  2. the opportunities probable revenue per salesperson / per month, also in graph view.