Converting Leads into Opportunities


How to convert leads into opportunities

An opportunity is a qualified lead to be explored through your sales funnel. Odoo embeds a simple and powerful tool to manage this sales pipeline: the Kanban View. This view gives you the opportunity to drag & drop opportunities from one stage to another and to get instant visual information about next actions, new messages, top opportunities and expected revenues. 

Activity step 3: convert

  • Open a lead and convert it into an opportunity. 
  • Customize the opportunities’ Kanban view in order to get an appropriate funnel.
  • Convert the lead to an opportunity. The contact is automatically set as Customer.
  • Move the opportunity to the next stage directly from the form or in Kanban view. 
  • Define an expected revenue. The successrate is automatically set according to the stage, but you can modify it to suit your needs. 
  • Set an expected closing date.
  • Add a next action + date. The next action is displayed in the Kanban view. 
  • Apply some tags to the opportunity, e.g. categories.
  • Plan a customer meeting. 
  • Ask the prospect a question through the chatter (send message). If the prospect replies to it, his answer will appear in the Messages box of all the followers and in the chatter history.