Registering Sales Leads

What is a lead ?

A lead is a contact that can result in a business opportunity:
  • a business card or a phone call received from a prospect,
  • a contact form on your website, 
  • a list of contacts to call. 
Odoo gives you the opportunity to track all the relevant data about each lead in order to optimize your conversion rate.

Registering Sales leads

Sales leads can be manually entered of can come in automatically.


Activity step 1: Have manual sales leads


  • Manual:

crm app > Pipeline (this screen is on the "dashboard", the default screen you see when starting up the sales app)

The view with columns you see now is called a Kanban view. Hit the top left "+" to create a new lead

Complete the following information:

  1. Description: why is lead interesting for your company and/or prospect name;
  2. Contact name (+ company name in case of B2B);
  3. Phone numbers + email address; 
  4. Some relevant notes about the contact.
  • Record a call from the lead. It can be retrieved from the lead.
  • Send an email to this contact from the chatter. Use one of your personal addresses.

Activity step 2: Have automatic sales leads


By e-mail:

Simulate a customer wanting to contact your business using email. Try following mail addresses (replace of course "edu-ahs-s1-18-t1" with the name of your database):

By Webform:

  • You first need to install the contactform on your e-commerce webshop. That requires installing some extra software. Go to the tile "Apps". Remove the apps filter. (hit the x of the apps filter, top right next to the funnel filter symbol)
    type in the search field next to the funnel "contact form". Install that component

  • If you now go to your webshop, a contact form component should be visible
  • Simulate a customer question by entering the webform


Did all the leads come in?


Return to the sales app, and check your pipeline


  • A filter might prevent you from seeing the sales lead: delete the filter showing only your leads by hitting the close.

  • Use tags to better qualify your lead’s interests.
  • When all your leads require further qualification from the start, you can skip the Leads step and register the contact directly as an opportunity.

Assign the leads to a sales person

Make sure those leads are now assigned to a salesperson (you can select your own login). By doing so, they will appear in "your pipeline" and associated activities will be your activities. There is a field "Salesperson" in the opportunity form, which has as generic value "sales" when it is not yet assigned.