Starting with Odoo CRM



CRM is one of the most important application for a business and typically one of the first which is deployed once your sales and sales teams are ramping up and you need to professionalise the sales follow-up 
A CRM application allows you to: 
  • Track all leads coming from prospection, website contact forms or any other source and push them to real opportunities;
  • Gather relevant customer data (address, email, preferences, etc.) to organize the company address book; 
  • Improve the productivity of the sales force by helping them to be better organized;
  • Access all documents and messages related to a lead/opportunity in one place; 
  • Track the sales pipeline by month and stage to produce accurate sales forecasts at the individual and group levels;
  • Track individual performance of sales people and marketing activities.

Start with Odoo CRM


Install the App


Activity step 0: install the CRM app



    Check if you have the CRM application already installed. If not, you will have to install it. This will require a login which has administrative rights. You can check if you have it by clicking on the apps tile. Look for the app "CRM", and click to install it if not yet installed.

By doing so, you will get 3 additionals apps installed: CRM, and also your calendar and contacts